Bella Osborne-Avon Books-Out 28th May 2020

I bloomin’ love a Bella Osborne book and ‘Meet Me at Pebble Beach’ is no exception!

Regan is stuck in a rut. She’s got a mediocre life with a mediocre boyfriend and a job that doesn’t challenge her. We’ve all worked in places where the job isn’t great but the colleagues make it bearable and in this case, Regan has Alex. They while away the work day playing daft pranks on each other for their own amusement.

One day, the prank goes too far, and Regan finds herself at a metaphorical crossroads, where she has to make some huge decisions. She meets Charlie, who helps her in more ways than one. He has his own demons to face but Regan and all her antics keep his mind off of those! There are a few sub-plots which weave together to reveal the whole story, all of which are brilliant. Kindness, compassion & loyalty are definitely the main themes though!

Like all Bella Osborne books-I’ve read them all-the charm is in the characters. Initially I couldn’t warm to Regan because she was too scatty and careless with both people’s feelings and material things too! But Bella is clever! The reader is supposed to feel that way, I think, in order to appreciate the journey that Regan embarks on.

There are some really interesting characters in this book, Kevin, Charlie and Regan herself, but my favourite it Elvis. Bella Osborne is a dog person and so am I. It’s easy to see her love of dogs in the way she describes the Irish Wolfhound breed so fantastically and, for the most part, any part where he is appears instantly makes the reader smile!

‘Meet me at Pebble Beach’ is a great story with a superb plot; it’s very funny and emotional. WARNING: it is sad in places though, so make sure you have a hanky close by!

A perfect holiday read-I loved it! 5⭐️🤩