Published by Avon Books. Audiobook available from 4/3/21 on all platforms.

First of all, I’d like to thank Ellie Pilcher for adding me to the blog tour for Fiona Gibson’s excellent: The Dog Share on Audio Book. Please check out all the other bloggers on the tour too-I’m in excellent company!

I’m a big fan of Fiona Gibson’s books they’re always packed full of relatable characters, a great plot and plenty of humour. This one has a dog in as well which is, well a bit obvious really, considering the title! Anyhoo!

Two years previously, Suzy & Paul visited the island of Sgadansay for a holiday. While they were there, they fell in love with everything about it. They also visited the Whisky distillery and on a whim Paul decides that, as it’s up for sale, and he has some inheritance money, he is going to buy it-despite neither of them having the first clue about how to run such a business.

Fast forward, two years and it’s all a bit of a mess. Paul has gone and Suzy is left to pick up the pieces!

After one particularly hard day, Suzy returns to the holiday let she is currently staying in and during the night, she hears scratching at the door: a little dog presents himself. She temporarily names him ‘Scout’ until she can return him to his owner. Dogs have an incredible knack of knowing how to bring out the best in people and are adept at joining people together-Scout is no different.

This chance meeting leads to a wonderful story about, love, hope and forgiveness-I definitely had a tear in my eye at times!

The audiobook was brilliantly narrated by Cathleen McCarron and Robin Laing, they captured both the essence of the characters and the location-I really enjoyed listening to it!

I’m biased because I love anything with a dog in, but this really is a great book. 5⭐️