Harper Collins-out 2nd September 2021

Vicky Turnbull is your average suburban mum. She takes the kids to school, has a pre-schooler at home & has a network of other mums as friends who she socialises with!

Vicky has a secret past though, that not even her husband knows about: she used to be a spy!

By her own admission, she isn’t quite as in peak condition as she once was when she worked undercover all over the world. Her waistline has expanded, she has to wrestle & locate her toddler more than the world’s most wanted criminals & she’s more au fait with a paintball gun than a revolver, so when her former employee comes calling asking her to complete an assignment for them that she is perfect for, she’s somewhat surprised.

What ensues is just a brilliant rollercoaster of a story. Faye Brann’s HILARIOUS dialogue had me laughing out loud. There are some tender moments, of course where, like most mums, whatever their job, Vicky has that ‘mum guilt’ where she is torn between the life she has now & the one she had before.

Her mission starts to waver a little to close to her other life & Vicky must decide whether she is cut out for the life of a spy or whether her family should be her sole focus for now!

This book was so relatable, engaging & funny! I can’t wait to read the next one! 5⭐️