Harper Collins out 2nd September 2021

Aura & Nick decide to move from the UK to buy a chateau that is in need of some serious renovation in France.

This fresh start is just what they need, and undeterred by the amount of work involved in turning the chateau into a holiday retreat, as well as keeping an eye on their young children, they set off on their new adventure.

As if moving weren’t enough, to help them with the finances and to promote the chateau when it is complete, they have a tv crew of two, filming them on their journey!

Once they arrive, they make friends with the expat community, who help them find their feet and, slowly, Aura and Nick begin to embrace their new life.

One of their new friends hosts a glamorous Halloween party, where someone meets an untimely end. Numerous incidents happen around the chateau and it becomes clear that despite their best efforts, someone knows the real reason that Nick & Aura have relocated to France…

Catherine Cooper has written a great story, told from different perspectives, which not only help you understand the plot, but also the characters.

Packed full of suspense & a cleverly crafted plot-this one kept me guessing until the very end! 5⭐️