Published by 4th Estate Books a division of HarperCollins

Off the bat, ‘Risk of Harm’ is a fantastic read. I really enjoyed Lucie Whitehouse’s last one ‘Critical Incidents’, so I knew this was going to be a gripping read.

A young woman is found stabbed to death in a disused factory & despite the police’s best efforts, she remains unidentifiable.

Already up against the clock and hitting dead ends all over, D.C.I. Robin Lyons is not only still working back in her home city of Birmingham, but where in the previous book she had previously been a Benefit Fraud Inspector, as she had lost her job in the Met, she now works back on the police force & her boss is her old flame, Samir!

Adapting to life back in the city, juggling work, her teenage daughter & some family issues, is not without its problems and not only that, she still has much to prove at work because of the past case in the Met.

A cold case throws up some similarities & people begin to suspect a serial killer…but surely after all this time they can’t be connected can they?

Knife crime & far-right nationalists are also included in this story, and whilst this is fiction, Lucie Whitehouse cleverly weaves modern day criminal activity enough to make you think what you’re reading could, and probably has happened somewhere!

The plot is packed full of suspense & the characters are carefully crafted to create this utterly brilliant piece of work! 5⭐️