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First of all, I meant to write this review ages ago. I often write reviews straight after I’ve read the book because it’s fresh in my mind but some books you just need to analyse and give a bit of reflection on before getting your thoughts down: this book was one of them. I never meant to leave it quite so long though but better later than never!

Bletchley Park was once the home of Britain’s elitist code-breakers; shrouded in secrecy, scores of dedicated men & a few women worked tirelessly to crack German military codes.

At the start of WWII, three women from hugely different backgrounds, but each with an aptitude for puzzles & code breaking find themselves on the team at Bletchley Park & with a united determination to do much more than their bit for the war effort.

The three women are:

Osla Kendall, a bright, society girl who counts Prince Phillip among her suitors but is intent on proving that she isn’t some ‘silly deb’ and wants to help with the war effort.

Mab Churt, has had a tough start & is living in a poorer area of London but determined to find her way up and out, through hard work, grit and stoic determination to marry well.

Beth Finch, is a shy girl, lacking confidence and living under the shadow of her controlling God-fearing mother. She is almost resigned to her fate staying in the house and being miserable for ever, but she can complete a crossword in 8 minutes with no mistakes and so fate has other ideas in store for her at Bletchley Park.

Over their time at working at the mansion, the three women forge a strong friendship, boarding together and working together, but as events unravel, the pressure of the war, and having to keep their jobs secret takes its toll & they become horribly estranged from each other.

Time passes, and the young Princess Elizabeth is due to marry the dashing Prince Phillip: Britain is gripped with Royal Wedding fever! As the event draws nearer, the three women need to heal old wounds in order to come together to combine their skills and save the country one more time!

I’d never read a Kate Quinn book before and, if I’m really honest, stories about espionage and war are not really my thing but OH MY GOODNESS! I’m so happy I picked it up!

Kate’s talent for characterisation is outstanding: each one of the girls has their own story to tell, and they are told so lovingly & honestly. The history woven through them has been carefully researched to create an absolutely gripping story. It really has everything: love, heartache coupled with heart-stopping intrigue & suspense.

A wonderfully crafted story, like stepping back in time-absolutely topping! 5⭐️