Published by Avon 4/2/21

I always have a huge sense of excitement when a new Helen Fields book arrives, I’ve read and reviewed all of her books and they’re always brilliant! The Shadow Man is no different.

However, I made the school girl error of starting reading this before bed when my husband was on a late night at work! Chapter one starts with a sleeping woman being watched over by a stranger 😱. I hastily closed the book and picked it up again in the morning during daylight!

What follows, is an absolutely gripping story where three victims from different backgrounds go missing in odd circumstances. Edinburgh’s usual MIT team are either off sick or supporting Interpol (if you’re hoping to catch up with Luc Callenach or Ava Turner, they’re not featured in this book but pathologist Alisa Lambert & Detective Superintendent Overbeck are!)

Each victim, who are strangers to each other, are ‘collected’ by The Shadow Man and locked in a flat. Whenever he comes back to see them, his strange erratic behaviour makes them fear for their lives! They need to escape. But how?

Instead, Detective Inspector Baarda is drafted in from London ably assisted by Dr. Connie Woolwine (an American forensic psychologist) and work together to try to solve the case.

But can Baarda & Connie piece together what is happening before it’s too late? Or will time run out for all three of the victims?

This has Helen Field’s usual trademarks all over it: a well written plot, superb characterisation, particularly being able to write from the perspective of a terrifying serial killer & then that of the victims, the whole time building this amazing suspense.

I always think Helen’s books are the reading version of watching a scary film from behind a cushion, you’re absolutely petrified but you can’t help reading on to the end!

Helen Fields has written another gripping, captivating book which is totally worthy of 5⭐️