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It’s an absolute pleasure to be included on the audio blog tour for the fantastic ‘We Met in December’ by Rosie Curtis. Thank you to Sanjana at Avon for my invite.

I was fortunate enough to have read this book a couple of weeks ago and I was really excited to be able to review the audiobook version of it. I have a 40 minute commute to school every day so I love to be able to listen to a variety of audiobooks in the car.

The Author…

Rosie (@karamina on Twitter) grew up in the Scottish Highlands before moving to Melborne, and now lives with her family in Southport, UK. Writing as ‘Rachael Lucas’ she is the author of four women’s fiction novels, published by Pan Macmillan, as well as two YA novels, published by Macmillan Children’s Books.

A little about the story…

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Jess has made some pretty big decisions and moved from her home in Bournemouth to London. Her friend, Becky, has inherited her grandparents house and has been able to offer Jess a room with a reduced rent in upmarket Notting Hill. Jumping at the opportunity, Jess is determined to make a fresh start focusing on her new job and giving relationships a wide berth which is helped further by Becky’s house rule: no couples!

On the first night in her new home, just before Christmas, she meets her new housemates: Emma, Rob, and a guy called Alex, who she fancies him immediately. Ooooops-so much for the house rules!

Before Jess moves in properly, she has a pre-arranged skiing holiday with her girlfriends, whilst there she cannot get her mind off the gorgeous Alex, but when she returns, she discovers that Alex has started seeing Emma.

Jess is mortified because she will have to now live in the house with them as a potential couple. Instead of moping in her room, she decides she will get to know London a bit better, which will keep her out of the house.

But fate has a funny way of intervening, and, over the year, despite what her head tells her to do, her heart has other plans…

The audiobook…

Because each chapter of the book is dated throughout the year, from the perspective of either Jess or Alex, The We Met in December audiobook is narrated by Jessica Preddy, who has previously lent her vocal talents to Disney, and has acted in Doctor Who and Outlander and Finlay Robertson who played Mark Harper in series three of Unforgotten. 

Jessica Preddy is a great choice for the character of Jess because I feel she really understands the character, her tone is almost Bridget Jonesesque and that is instantly appealing. Similarly, Finlay Robertson is an excellent choice for Alex, he just sounds like his character should-personable and relatable.

My thoughts

I did really enjoy the story, as I said, I’d already read and loved the book. I liked the character of Jess, moving to London or any big city, starting afresh is something lots of people could relate to. Jess spends her spare time, walking around London and Rosie Curtis is incredibly skilled in bringing this magnificent city-and where I grew up-to life. I loved her description of Little Venice so much, that I found myself hankering for a little walk along the canal. When I went up to London last month from where I currently live in Cornwall, I went out of my way to go there! It didn’t disappoint-it’s a perfect romantic setting.

The parallel stories of regret & love lost between Alex and Jess works really well too and, although the process takes a year, I liked how the relationship simmered along gently. I think the fact that they are just good mates at the start really set the foundations for the rest of the story.

The sub-plot surrounding Jess’ nan is a clever way for the author to really expand on Jess’ characterisation and the bond she has with her grandmother is lovely-it’s sweet how her nan follows her activities on Instagram.

This isn’t a typical Christmas story, but it is engaging and entertaining nonetheless. It says on one of the tag lines on the book:

‘The perfect Christmas rom-com for fans of Josie Silver & Richard Curtis movies.’

And that is exactly how it plays out while reading/listening to it! I can totally see this in movie version too!

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