This is the third book in the series so far & easily the best. A young woman is kidnapped in disturbingly familiar circumstances to a previous high profile case. Tensions are high & the race is on to find her. DC Donal Lynch is in charge of dropping off the ransom money. Things don’t go quite to plan & he is blamed for the botched job & suspended. None of these events sit well with quite Donal & along with his brother Finton, he sets about finding out the truth behind the crime.

Those familiar with Donal, know that he has the ability to connect with the spirits of recently deceased murder victims who give him clues in order for him to solve the crime and this time is no different.

Nally has, once again, come up with a fantastic plot constructed using, strong characters, hilarious dialogue & smaller sub-plots which weave seamlessly together to create this thrilling masterpiece.

I sincerely hope this isn’t the last time we meet Donal Lynch. 5🌟