I’m not a big fan of the build up to Christmas, I just think the hype starts way too early so when this dropped on my mat the day before I flew out on my summer break, well let’s just say there was lots of eye rolling! šŸ˜¬ 

On holiday I read Sarah Morgan’s ‘Holiday in the Hamptons’ where I met Fliss & Harriet Knight, two very different twin sisters who run a dog walking company in New York. I loved it! Which is why I threw aside my Christmas ‘issues’ & dived into the next story. Where HITH focuses mainly on Fliss, ‘Moonlight in Manhattan’ is primarily Harriet’s story. 

Harriet lacks confidence, this is because of her relationship with her father: an intimidating, cruel man. His dominance & mood swings had a terrible effect on her as a child and she developed a stammer which she has worked hard to overcome.

This winter Harriet decides to embark on ‘Challenge Harriet’ a series of activities which force her to come out of her comfort zone & be more independent. 

This does not turn out to be plain sailing and after one of her challenges she ends up in the Emergency Room with a sore ankle. This is where she meets Ethan Black, the handsome, workaholic doctor who comes to her cubicle to assess her injury. Neither of them have cause to think they’ll see each other again however fate has other plans. 

In an odd coincidence, Harriet walks his sister’s dog. When a family emergency calls his sister away, she pleads with Ethan to look after her pooch, Madi. He is reluctant, he works long hours and isn’t that keen on dogs however because he wants to help her, he agrees. 

Things don’t work out, and Harriet is called in to help. Both of them are shocked to meet each other again but with settling Madi their priority, they try to find a way to muddle along together. Little does she know that Dr Black will become her biggest challenge to date. 

I like romantic fiction, I loved the backdrop of Manhattan in Winter, although having experienced it, the wind chill is so cold staying alive is usually more of a focus than romance! Sarah Morgan’s talent is characterisation & I liked how she portrays the relationships between each of them. Harriet is easy to adore, she is kind, honest & completely without guile; find yourself championing her throughout. Even for a Grinch like me, I found this story entertaining and enjoyable. 

If I had to pick one fault, personally, I dislike the idea of pets-rescue ones or not-being given as Christmas gifts, even in a novel. Both my dogs were unwanted Christmas presents & ended up in a shelter. It makes me feel uncomfortable and as Harriet is supposed to be a dog lover, I don’t think she would get a dog at Christmas. I don’t know, like I said, it’s a small thing in an otherwise fabulous read. 

A wonderful Christmas gift, packaged with love. šŸŽ…šŸ½šŸŽ„šŸŽ