Bella Osborne.

I was sorting through a pile of books trying to decide what to take away on holiday. The end of term madness was just beginning to die down & I made myself a promise that all the books I read while away we’re going to have absolutely nothing to do with education! I picked this one up & read the blurb and then I read the first few pages and then well, erm… I read the whole thing from cover to cover! My name is Boo & I’m a book-a-holic!

Single mama Beth needs a fresh start, like with immediate effect. She buys a cottage in the Cotswolds which needs some TLC & embarks with her son, Leo, on a new chapter in her life. Once she finally assesses what needs to be done at Willow Cottage she begins to realise she has bitten off more than she can chew and begins to doubt her own abilities. She decides she will renovate what she can & hopefully sell it for a profit before moving on.

Having relocated to Cornwall almost eleven years ago, I really could relate to Beth, finding your feet in a new area is challenging enough, getting to know new people & finding your place in the community is daunting but when you are harbouring a huge secret, I guess that makes it even more scary! 

Fortunately, Beth meets Jack & his incredible English Mastiff-Doris! With their help she begins to re-build Willow Cottage and soon settles into the village of Dumbleford.  However, is Beth’s past  threatening to disrupt her new happiness?

I enjoyed this story immensely, it evoked lots of emotions: laugh out loud humour weaved in with a heart wrenching sub-plot with Beth & her friends Carly & Fergus. 

Bella Osborne has cleverly written an authentic story about real people, she tackles a serious issue sensitively which makes it easy to understand & perhaps, for some readers, relate to. As an owner of two French Mastiffs, I loved how she nailed the character of these gentle giants so magnificently through Doris the dog too! 

An engaging Mastiff-ly marvellous read! I loved it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️