I’ve been really lucky to review ‘The Teacher’ & ‘The Secret’ previously so when I was packing books for my holidays, I knew I was going to get a gripping plot which would challenge my brain & be an edge-of-the-seat page turner-all book review clichés but all relevant to Diamond. She did not disappoint. 

A body is found in the charred ruins of an old railway signal box; after admitting setting a fire, Gabriel Webb is arrested for it and it seems to be an open & closed case. 

A few days later, there is another violent double murder, some things don’t add up & DS Grey isn’t convinced Webb is the culprit of the first murder; she sets about investigating an alternative suspect but her partner, DS Miles, has some serious family issues going on & is struggling to keep his mind on the job! 

This was such a brilliantly crafted plot. As a reader, I don’t want to work the plot out in five minutes, I want to sit back at the end & think ‘Wow! I never saw that coming!’ 

‘The Angel’ totally delivers.

It was comforting to hook up with DS Imogen Grey & DS Adrian Miles again but if you haven’t read the previous books that won’t be a problem. Diamond has a natural gift for characterisation, whether she be describing the relationship between the police officers, teenagers or the prison inmates, with meticulous description & dialogue, she is able to convincingly portray the character in such a way that the reader actually feels like they are there watching events unfold.

Mesmerising, macabre & magnificent-     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️